We offer a range of 6 day to 13-day routes to suit every trekkers experience and fitness levels, getting you to the summit with the best team possible.

We provide all prospective climbers with a comprehensive guide that contains accurate and valuable information to increase one’s chance of a successful summit when climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. We arrange it all for you from Park fees, porters, guides, equipment and food, leaving you with nothing to do but enjoy the climb.

With a licenced team professional guides boasting a summit success rate of between 96 and 98 per cent, what are you waiting for?

Top View Of Kilimanjaro


Standing vigil over Tanzania’s untamed forests and woodland landscapes, is Mount Kilimanjaro the world’s tallest free-standing mountain and one the 7 Wonders of Nature. Looming over the savannah, encircled by mountain forest, numerous mammals, many of them endangered species, stands this volcanic massif with its snowy peak and the world’s tallest free-standing mountain hailing mountaineers and nature enthusiasts from all over the world.


If you have a passion for climbing and exploring, or simply want to tick off an item from your bucket list, why not join us as we walk in the boot prints of famed explorers and mountaineers on our way to the top of Africa’s tallest peak? Hiking through lush rainforests and alpine deserts, across glaciers by day and sleeping closer to the stars than you ever dreamed possible by night. climbing Mount Kilimanjaro will be an inspiring and unforgettable experience.


Tanzania is so full of opportunities to stop, take a breath and genuinely relax, you might even forget what busy feels like. Holiday resorts, wilderness lodges and coastal retreats are found away from the hustle and bustle - on the edge of national parks or nestled next to white sandy beaches perfect for admiring the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

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