Sitting just below the equator, on the east coast of Africa, Tanzania is home to some of the world’s most famous natural wonders. With 16 national parks within its borders, including the majestic Serengeti, and over a third of the land is dedicated to conservation and protection of the natural wildlife, it’s no wonder Tanzania is considered the world’s top destination for safaris.

Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, Tarangire and Lake Eyasi are but a few other National Parks where you will find “The Big Five”. Perhaps you’ll spend time with the Hadzabe Bushmen of Lake Eyasi, where they will teach you to make fire using stick friction, introduction to bowing techniques, how to build a shelter amongst other things. Wherever you go in Tanzania, there are opportunities to immerse yourself in the country's people and cultures.

If you’re seeking adventure, rising over the skyline in the North East, above the Serengeti, is the awesome sight of Mount Kilimanjaro. The highest mountain in Africa, it draws climbers from across the world with its majesty, and their determination to conquer its snow-capped summit.

On the edge of the Indian Ocean to the east, lies the beauty and tranquillity of Zanzibar. Peruse the winding streets of town and try the local fair or take a trip into Stone Town or a boat to Prison Island and delve into the history of the city.

Some of the best diving in the world can be had off the Zanzibar archipelago. The water here is celebrated by scuba divers and snorkelers from across the world, who come to experience the coral gardens, colourful fish, and crystal-clear waters.

Wherever you visit in Tanzania, you will remember the people, the warmth and the culture.

Climbers Reaching The Top Of Kilimanjaro

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